Cedar Wood-burned ornament

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  • Christmas Tree: The classic choice for hanging cedar ornaments is on the branches of a Christmas tree. The natural wood tones and intricate designs add a rustic and festive touch to your holiday decor.

  • Mantelpiece: Arrange cedar ornaments along the mantelpiece to create a charming and cohesive display. The warmth of the wood complements the cozy atmosphere often associated with a fireplace.

  • Window Sills: Hang cedar ornaments from the window sills to catch the natural light. The interplay of sunlight on the wood and the delicate burnt designs can create beautiful patterns in your living space.

  • Door Knobs: Adorn door knobs with small cedar ornaments for a subtle and delightful welcome. This is a simple yet effective way to spread the festive spirit throughout your home.

  • Wreaths: Incorporate cedar ornaments into wreaths for a unique and personalized touch. They can enhance both indoor and outdoor wreaths, adding a natural and handcrafted element.

  • Dining Room Chandelier: Hang cedar ornaments from the arms of a dining room chandelier for an unexpected and eye-catching decorative element during holiday gatherings.

  • Entryway Hooks: Install hooks in the entryway and hang cedar ornaments to create a warm and inviting first impression for guests entering your home.

  • Gift Packages: Use cedar ornaments as decorative accents on gift packages. They can serve as both a thoughtful adornment and a keepsake for the recipient.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Knobs: Give your kitchen a festive touch by replacing or adding cedar ornaments to cabinet knobs. It's a simple way to extend holiday decor into every corner of your home.

  • Bedroom Décor: Hang cedar ornaments above the bed or on the bedposts to infuse a touch of nature into your bedroom decor. The calming scent of cedar can also add a relaxing ambiance to the spac

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