Adirondack Moose Coaster

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These handcrafted wood-burned cedar coasters are simply divine for homeowners. They offer practical elegance, protecting your surfaces from those pesky issues like heat, moisture, and unsightly beverage stains. What sets them apart is the artistry – the wood-burning designs add a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

No more fretting about water rings on your beautiful wooden furniture! And for those environmentally conscious homeowners, the use of natural cedar not only adds style but aligns with your sustainable lifestyle.

But here's the real charm: these coasters also make for extraordinary gifts. Personalized and unique, they're a delightful touch for your loved ones.

In essence, these handcrafted cedar coasters are a must-have, serving both function and style in the most marvelous way."  Approximately 4" in diameter. 

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